Highlights Product Suite Release Q1 2017

Many people work on a daily basis with large sets of (geo-spatial) data, often maintained in different data sources. It is becoming increasingly important to be able to combine this data and distribute it throughout the enterprise. Information from ERP-, CRM-, OMS- and GIS-systems needs to be integrated and distributed to various stakeholders in order to perform business operations in an efficient way. Our product suite and business solutions offer many capabilities that will enable data-driven decision and drive business process efficiency.

In this announcement we want to share the highlights from our Q1 2017 product suite release.

Web Viewer on HTML5

Experience the advantage of the newest HTML5 technology, vector base maps and new attractive user interface. The new level of sharing your ‘spatial’ information with our powerful lightweight web viewer.

Try it yourself: https://demo.spatial-eye.com/

More data sources

With the high availability of data from different applications, open data initiatives and numerous
databases it’s never been so challenging to make informed decisions. Stop waiting for
data integration and start with visualizing, analyzing and reporting yourself right away.

Use one of the 8 new data adapters for open web standards like OGC WFS and OData, open
source databases like PostGIS and heavy duty in memory databases like SAP HANA to enrich your
project with more data.

Ready for the next step? Try the Ultimate version and export your virtualized data model
to the open source PostGIS database or 16 other export formats and share it with others.


Spatial Analysis

Calculate the exact length of connections in a municipality, do a cluster analysis based on outage
locations or determine the geographical coverage of your service. Solve your analytic challenges
more efficiently with the new spatial functions.

Spatial Warehouse on PostGIS

Data from different data sources modelled for purpose and available for applications like viewers,
business intelligence solutions or business process supporting applications. Now supported on
the PostGIS database platform and a tremendous performance improvements towards change
detection and history building.


Integration with Globespotter

Street view panoramic dataset are more commonly used for supporting different business
processes. Examples are:

• Planning and design during engineering phase
• Assesment of damage in the public space
• Inspecting assets from behind your desk

With the integration of Cyclomedia Globespotter it’s never been this easy to combine data from
different sources and view them in one application. The integration even enables you to project
your spatial data on top of Cycloramas.

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