Highlights Product Suite Release Q4 2017

In this announcement we want to share the highlights from our Q4 2017 product suite release.


Business Networks adds the possibility for topology based analysis like Shortest Path, Trace Out and Trace to Features. In this release we added support for Smallworld VMDS (Networks) and Google (Routing).

Captured data with GeoNotes can now be stored in Oracle, PostGIS, MS SQL and SAP HANA databases.

You can now switch between your map and Google Street View without leaving the application

We implemented a new flat icon set to give the application a modern look and feel


Vector tiles make huge maps fast while offering full design flexibility. They are the vector data equivalent of image tiles for web mapping, applying the strengths of tiling – developed for caching, scaling and serving map imagery rapidly – to vector data. Thanks to the implementation of vector tiles you can create a 3D effect for your visualizations by extruding polygon geometries based on specified height.

Enable structured cooperation on the map by capturing user data like quality issues and faults with GeoNotes, now also available in our web viewer.

Fast Full-Text Search based on any data from your business collections enables efficient navigation to the right location.

Spatial Warehouse

Enrich your analysis, reports and queries with the new possibility to store internal worlds in the Spatial Warehouse repositories.

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