Creating your own style library

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Out of the box our desktop products provide different default styles for your point, line and area geometries. This article will help you create your own custom style library for point and area styles.

  • Professional or Ultimate edition of the desktop product
  • .ico files for your point styles and .png files for your area styles
  • A project where you want to use your own styles

Step 1: Finding the right point style

We will be using a basic project with locations of telecommunication anntenas on top of the ESRI Topographic basemap to show the effect of changing the point style. 

The default point style library does not contain a good icon for a telecommunication antenna that will look good in combination with this basemap. 

After a quick search for a suitable point style, we have found the right icon that we can use for this visualization. 

This will be the icon we will be using in our visualizaton;

We used Icon Converter to convert the image from .png to a .ico file

Step 2: Creating your new style library

Create two folders; My Icons and My Style Library and place the new created .ico file in the My Icons folder.


You can find the StyleLibraryGenerator application in the install directory of the desktop product.


Start the application and select the My Icons folder location as the Input Directory and the My Style Library folder location as the Output Library location.


Step 3: Add the new style library

Edit the style of the point geometry and start the Style Library Organizer.

Add the new created style library and click on preview to examine the new point style.

Step 4: Selecting the new style

Select the new style element for the point geometry

and inspect the result.

GE Smallworld Styles

When you are using GE Smallworld as a data source, you can import the defined styles automatically using the import wizard in the adding the Feauture source step.

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