Oracle Instant Client

Installing the Oracle Instant Client

Accessing an Oracle data source with the Spatial Eye product suite requires the installation of the Oracle Instant Client. In this article we will explain where to download and how to install this client on your environment.

Step 1: Downloading the Oracle Instant Client

You can download the Oracle Instant Client from the official website. Make sure that you install the version corresponding with your system and Oracle installation. Pay special attention to the 32 bit versus 64 bit versions of the software (if needed you can install both versions on the same environment, the product will automatically select the correct client to be used).

Creating an account

You need to create an account at Oracle to be able to download the instant client, it's free and the process only takes a couple of moments. 

Step 2: Installation

The Installation is quite easy, create C:\Oracle\ folder and unpack the content of the downloaded file in to this folder.


Now you just need to add this directory to your global Path environment and you are ready to access your Oracle database with our product suite.

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