Styling IMKL UtilityNetwork appurtenance objects using IMKL font


Dutch customers using the KlicWION or KlicWIN solution are required to present their network data according to the IMKL specification (PMKL; 'presentatiemodel kabels & leidingen'). For the UtilityNetwork appurtenance objects, a vectorised method of styling (using the IMKL font) is available.

Configuration for styling the appurtenance object

For most of the elements displayed according to the PMKL specification, a generic point / (poly)line / polygon styling will suffice. However, there is an exception for the UtilityNetwork appurtenance object. At more detailed levels (L15-16), symbols will differentiate the type of appurtenance.

Although it is possible to style these symbols using a raster image, a vectorised image is being provided by Geonovum. The symbols are contained in a TTF font file, which needs to be installed at the system rendering the maps (KlicWION / KlicWIN / INSPIRE server).

You can find the current version of the IMKL font (please note the IMKL version):
Direct link:

After installing the font, create a custom style library (i.e. Spatial Eye Custom.sestyles) and add it in your .seproject configuration. See below for an example of a custom .sestyles file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<StyleLibrary Id="spatialeyecustom" Name="Spatial Eye Custom" Description="Library with custom styles: Spatial Eye Custom" IsInternal="true">
<StyleGroup Id="annotations" Name="General" Description="General Annotations Styles">
<AnnotationSymbolDefinition Id="IMKL_normal" Name="IMKL Normal" Description="IMKL Normal">
<Font>IMKL Icons</Font>
<AnnotationSymbolDefinition Id="IMKL_bold" Name="IMKL Bold" Description="IMKL Bold">
<Font>IMKL Icons</Font>

Now you can use add an annotation field in your business collection, either with a fixed value (see conversion table below) or with a variable value (i.e. depending on a type field; configure this in your annotation expression).

Example of annotation for a blowhole:

Annotation(FclIeComponent.Shape, "f", false, AnnotationCurveOrientation.Follow)

According to the conversion table, the letter 'f' will display a blowhole symbol when the annotion field is configured to use the IMKL font; the IMKL font can now be selected from the available font types list.

The font size settings needs to be adapted to the right size at L15 and L16. Although the PMKL requires the symbol to have a width of 25px, a font size set at '20' using the IMKL bold font seems to give the right result when fixed at a nominal scale of 375:


IMKL/PMKL specification

For reference, find the IMKL/PMKL description below (v1.2). The specification is only available in Dutch and is quoted literally:

7.2 Leidingelementen
7.2.1 Regel
Het objecttype Leidingelement bevat leidingelementen die behoren tot het UtilityNetwork. Zij worden gevisualiseerd als puntobject met de volgende (combinatie van) eigenschappen:
Kleur: het puntsymbool krijgt de kleur overeenkomstig het “thema” van het nutsvoorzieningennet waarin het gebruikt wordt.
▪ Puntsymbool:
▪ Cirkel op schaalniveau 14
▪ Puntsymbool op schaalniveau 15-16
▪ Puntsymbool:
▪ 11 px op schaalniveau 14
▪ 25 px op schaalniveau 15 – 16


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